Hola Ha Monate and the elderly

The programme stimulates public interest in the way it handles content through a non-discriminatory format where all citizens participate in debates driven by the elderly in their own pace and style. Hola Ha Monate fits well into SABC2’s Nation Building theme.

Some objectives include: elderly can experience a sense that they are still in touch with their world, feel a sense that their contribution has made a difference to the South Africa of today, create a society where we value and honour our senior citizens and oldies can enjoy content that speaks to them and has a positive look on life.

Hola Ha Monate, set in a real-life home in a Johannesburg suburb invites viewers to the home to discuss various issues considered relevant to the audience.

Episodes 16: 26 January
Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Dementia is a collective name for conditions in which progressive degeneration of the brain affects memory, thinking, behaviour and emotion. It is important for the elderly to note that memory loss is not a normal part of ageing. This week on Hola Ha Monate studio experts, Dr Seleman, Connie Matyila and Lorraine Sepeng, explain more about the disease. Lebo also shares the story of her grandfather who was diagnosed with the disease.

Episode 17: 2 February
Planning for Old Age
Most of us will require some form of care in later life. We are living longer than before and although many people enjoy a healthy and active old age, this isn’t the case for everyone. This episode focuses on the importance of planning for old age and the essentials to acquire before you reach retirement. Financial experts, Wilma Mokupo, Piet du Preez and Mahendra Maharaj, advise viewers how to plan for old age.

Episode 18: 9 February
Aging and Spirituality
As people become older, spiritual connections become more important to them. Religious faith seems to increase the ability of older people to cope with illness, disability, loss, and their own mortality. The spiritual development of the elderly is an important part of the ageing process. This episode tackles different views of different beliefs. In studio guests from various religious backgrounds let us in on their spiritual experiences as they age.

Episode 19: 16 February
Aging Gracefully
Human aging process involves multidimensional changes on physical, psychological, cultural and social levels. Many elderly people tend to lose their joy and will to live. Their chronic worries tend to make them mope around and withdraw. Motivational speaker, Dina Marias, gives us insight on how to embrace aging and achieve success. Dr Ela Manga shares her expert advice on holistic wellness.

Episode 20: 23 February
Living with Cancer
Cervical and prostate cancers are the most prevalent among the elderly. In choosing the optimal treatment for an elderly cancer patient, prejudice and stereotype opinions seem to prevail. Elderly patients often have other diseases which may hinder the choice of an effective anticancer treatment. Raynolda Makhutle and George Thibela share their experiences after being diagnosed with cancer. Expert, Dr Ingo, highlights signs to look out for and ways to avoid the disease as we age.

Episode 21: 2 March
As you get older, good nutrition plays an increasingly important role in how well you age. Eating a low-salt, low-fat diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and fiber can reduce your age-related risks of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases. By eating a wide variety of foods, you easily get what your body needs. Dietician Sue Scharf shares expertise on balanced nutritions and Chef Trainer, Kabelo Segone, gives us a brief culinary lesson.

Episode 22: 9 March
Forms of Elderly Care
In deciding what type of elderly care is appropriate for your loved one, you need to establish exactly what level of care is necessary.This can be helpful in keeping your loved one in their home, but will almost certainly change your household dynamic. It is important to visit homes or alternative health care to ensure the optimum comfort for your loved ones. On Hola Ha Monate this week we talk to Dr Judy Hough, a registered nurse who works with elderly in frail care and retirement villages, she gives us helpful tips on how to take care of the elderly. Andrew Harris explains the community work he does for the elderly in his community.

Episode 23: 16 March

Nigel Old Age Home – Fire/Ubuntu
The major cause of fire deaths in private residences is accidents such as leaving a curling iron on, an electric blanket on, a dropped cigarette or an electric heater too close to flammable material. It is important to inform people on the dangers of fire and the most likely causes. This week Hola Ha Monate visits Nigel Old age home to see the devastating tragedy that occurred due to a fire break out. We talk to Pastor Werner Swart, one of the first rescuers on the scene.

Episode 24:23 March

Elderly and Voting
The elderly have laid out their lives to develop and refine the communities where we live. Their contribution is still important and their wisdom invaluable. These reasons are important for people to encourage the elderly to vote and remain the source of political flame that enlightens the younger communities. This week on Hola Ha Monate Moses Pitso gives us the relevant information to prepare for the upcoming local elections. Linda Twala, an active local councilor in Alexander, explains about the importance of elections on society.

Episode 25: 30 March
Roy Sonna and Matilda Nkosi share experiences of living with arthritis. Dr Marietjie du Plooy explains more about the disease. Arthritis is usually a chronic disease that affects the quality of everyday life. There are over 100 types of arthritis that can affect many different areas of the body. People of all ages, including children and young adults, can develop arthritis. It becomes more uncomfortable for the elderly to deal with because arthritis affects the movements you rely on for everyday activities.

Episode 26: 6 April
Thousands of South Africans have fallen into the trap of various housing scams, and subsequently lost money. Often they lose everything they own. The market is overflowing with con artists preying on the vulnerable to make quick cash. The most stressful scam is that of conning the elderly out of their homes, often leaving them destitute. This week on Hola Ha Monate, Elizabeth Msibi shares her story of how she was conned through a housing scam and Mr Jimmy Baloyi from Estate Agents SA informs us how to avoid scams.

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