Facebook, Twitter, Google and Mxit on TOMz Monday 3 September @ 17h00 on SABC1

People left messages on rocks or stones, sent letters using pigeons and travelled hundreds of kilometres to deliver a message.  It was in the 1800s and 1900s that the car and telephone made it easier to communicate and transport mail. Dee and Thami experiment with this discovery by making their own telephone out of tin cans, using the science of vibration.

After trying to post a letter, Dee is informed by Thami that it would be much faster to send an e-mail as it is a basic text message that you send instantly, online. To make sure we are connected to the world and to fast Internet service, Africa has built undersea fibre-optic cables to connect to other continents, using the principle of total internal reflection which is also present in mirrors.

Dee visits the experts at Google where she has a hangout with a Google search expert, who explains the complex science behind a Google search. It is amazing that this understanding and interpretation is delivered in under a quarter of a second.  Scientists have found what is believed to be the oldest facebook ever on ancient rock art, proving that we humans have had a natural need to connect with each other for thousands of years! Social media platforms these days are thanks to the science of algorithms, which are sets of rules used to solve maths problems. Thami takes a visit to the Meraka Institute at the CSIR, where he learns about the science behind communication technology and how they are breaking boundaries by using Mxit to help learners with their Mathematics homework! Say hello to Dr. Maths!

Thami has a special interview with Naledi Pandor, South Africa’s Minister of Science and Technology, at the University of Johannesburg, where she encourages the youth to take up Science and Technology by explaining that it is such an exciting world.  We are busy trying to solve all the disease-burdened problems that we have, if you want to be the person who helps us find these solutions, follow science, study maths, join us in science and technology.

Surfing the net, chatting on your favourite social media platform or even just doing your homework, it turns out the science of social media has turned into a valuable tool in our lives! Watch TOMz this Monday 3 September at 17h00 on SABC 1 to get connected with this amazing virtual world.

Fuelled by the Department of Science and Technology and produced for SABC Education by I Love That productions, Teenagers on a Mission (TOMz) is a funky, creative and innovative exploration of how 'everyday' science and technology has shaped our society. TOMz was introduced to South African audiences in 2010, and by presenting in an array of South Africa’s vernacular languages, it has achieved its goal of exposing career paths for the youth of today to create a skilled and educated South Africa. For more information on TOMz, please visit our website www.tomz.co.za or contact Candice Lee Sparks on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are always searching for amazing, innovative, informative and educational content!

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