Celebrating World Book Day

The idea of the day was taken from a Spanish tradition. April 23rd has always been celebrated as "The Rose Day" in Spain. On this day, people exchanged roses for showing their love and support, much like Valentine's Day. However, in 1926, when Miguel de Cervantes dies on the day, people exchanged books instead of roses in order to commemorate the death of the great author. The tradition continues to this day in Spain and that’s from where the idea of the World Book Day came about.

As the name suggests, the focus of the day is on books and writing. Thus, various programs are held by UNESCO to promote reading habits among people. Focus is also on discussing various issues pertaining to the world of authors, publishers, distributors etc. as well as promoting their works and causes.

The SABC Information Library team will be giving out a book to the most regular users of the library's different sections which are the Newspaper, Book and Magazine sections. Information Library would also like to advice First Citizens to use the library not only for themselves but also for their children in order to improve their reading skills which will be of importance in future.

Source: SABC Corporate Communiocations

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