Animation on iSpani – SABC1 on 5th December 2012

Objects, referred to as models, are built on the computer screen, rigged with a virtual skeleton that enhances lifelike movement and expression, these characters eventually take on a life of their own.

Animators need a great deal of skill and training to achieve a professional standard of work; not only do you need the artistic talent to create appealing characters but also the ability to use software packages to create the graphics.

In addition you have to develop personalities, storylines, sets and visual backgrounds that will entertain audiences or sell products. Animation is used in movies, gaming, website development and television.

This is an extremely competitive business to work in and while there is opportunity to build your own business in the long term generally you will have to find an internship with an established digital media company to get a foot in the door and to do that you really need talent and something that sets you apart from the herd.

Until fairly recently there were limited opportunities to study 3D animation, but today you can do a digital art elective as part of either a degree or diploma course at a university or technical training college.

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