Africa Tsoai is the Strict, Loving Father in Skeem Saam.

Africa was born in Hebron-Graskop in Mpumalanga, a place just below God’s Window.  He grew up with his granny, uncles, cousins and extended families as parents.  He says “I was a very good, obedient child who wanted to be a lawyer but as I grew up learning about other careers I became interested in land surveying and agriculture.”

After matriculating Africa studied graphic design at Rudolph College in Johannesburg, “I was a self taught fine arts enthusiast, and I got my diploma in 1989 and did my sound engineering course at Inhouse Records in Randburg in 2000.”

Highlights of Africa’s career include starting his small business in 1996, his showbiz highlights include ramp work as a model, photographic stills and extensive extra work in international movies and SABC dramas.  Behind the scenes he is involved in music, transportation, voice overs, translating, producing and copywriting.

Africa has four beautiful, handsome and respectful children.  His granny is his inspiration; she always gave very good advice.  He gets angry when people take advantage of him.  He has plenty of unfulfilled ambitions and is not afraid of anything.  In life, he knows death and disappointment are ‘for sure’.  He regrets not saving more money.

In his spare time he enjoys fishing and attending soccer matches, he listens to Thobela fm, “it represents my heritage.”  His favourite movie is Heat, “I like the military precision action and good acting.”  Mind Your Language is his favourite TV show “it’s hilarious and straight forward.”  His favourite movie stars are Ving Rhymes, Roseline Morapedi and Lydia Mokgokoloshi.

Africa enjoys reading about nature conservation because it brings his mind back to reality.  If granted three wishes Africa says they would be “to be  healthy, wealthy and have lots of respect.”

Watch Africa in 13 episodes of Skeem Saam starting Thursdays at 20h30 on SABC1 from 13 October 2011.  Skeem Saam asks how does a boy know when he has become a man? The series is a blend of stories about the journey to manhood. It examines the plight of today’s male children and the tough challenges they face transitioning into manhood. The underlying premise for the series is, real men are made, not born.

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