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How to dose Goat & Sheep and Trim Goat hooves

Dosing sheep and goats


Goats are a hardy and very fertile livestock type yet, as with all livestock, require care and management in order to obtain the very best from them.

As children, we were inoculated against diseases.

This was done so that our bodies could build up resistance against contagious diseases such as smallpox.

The same is done with animals. When we inoculate our animals, their bodies build up resistance against diseases such as Brucellosis, lumpy skin disease, anthrax and botulism.


Hoof clipping or trimming

Goat's hooves need to be trimmed regularly. If your goats have plenty of rocks to walk on, or are in a large herd that travels over many hectares a day, the hooves will not get overgrown so fast. Trimming hooves once in four to six months may be enough. When the goats are walking on grass or in pens, hooves can easily overgrow and should be trimmed every four to twelve weeks.


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