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How to Rear Pigs

Buying Pigs

Rearing Pigs
When you plan to buy pigs to start pig farming, to replace stock or to increase the size of your herd, there are some things you must remember. It is  etter to pay a higher price for a good pig than to pay a low price and lose money because the pig may die or does not perform as you would expect it to.

How to prepare Soil for Vegetables

Soil sampling

Soil Preparations

A soil sample consists of several subsamples. Subsamples are obtained from various localities in a land. A topsoil subsample contains soil from the upper 50 mm of soil at a specific locality in the land unit. All the subsamples are added and mixed to form a representative sample for analysis.

A quick guide to Farming

Living Land Quick Guide


Information will always be the farmer’s key to success. SABC Education and SABC 2 share the vision and mandate of educating and empowering new  armers.

How to plant Sweet Potatoes

Prepare and plant Sweet potatoes


Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is a member of the morning glory family and originated in South Mexico and Central  America and is now the seventh most important food crop, worldwide.

How to plant Morogo

Planting Morogo


Morogo, in Sesotho and Sepedi, imifino in isiZulu and isiXhosa, or muroho in Tshivenda, mean leafy greens. For years morogo was harvested directly  rom the veld.



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