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Episode 18: Latest agricultural developments in South Africa

Picture18In this episode we cast the spotlight on some of the latest agricultural developments in our country; we feature the essential oil business, visit a sugar cane project, and then we take to the skies with some highly skilled agricultural pilots.

We found that essential oils are ideal products for small-scale farmers, provided they get the appropriate technical training and they find the right markets for their products. We spoke to an expert at the CSIR about this and also visited a farm in Burgersfort where these oils are produced. Next up we met the Lebuyile tribal community in Mpumalanga who successfully work on altogether five farms in partnership with a local company to produce sugar cane and mangoes. Finally, the team set out to discover the exciting and dangerous world of agricultural pilots. They found that agricultural aviation is not just about spraying crops, but also about aerial surveys of fields, livestock, game, and even fighting forest fires.

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