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Episode 16: Drought in Limpopo

Picture16In many parts of South Africa farmers have experienced the worst drought conditions in decades.

In this episode we visit two farms in one of our driest provinces to see how the devastating effects of water scarcity can be mitigated by employing climate smart agriculture techniques. We visited Nomsa Ngwenya’s farm near Letsitele in Limpopo at the height of the drought early in 2016, and returned four months later to see how a number of climate smart interventions suggested by leading agricultural advisors had turned out. To our amazement we found a variety of lush green crops almost ready for harvesting. We did exactly the same at Rene Munya’s nearby moringa tree farm and found a similarly remarkable improvement. By applying a number of simple yet effective crop specific techniques, both these farmers could use much less water to achieve some truly astonishing results.

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