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About Us


Just by watching any Living Land episode, you will become aware that it takes a special team, with in-depth knowledge of agriculture and lots of passion to create vibrant, entertaining yet educational programmes. Nozipho Ndiweni, the owner and CEO of No-Line Communications, is the glue keeping this very diverse, artistic and hugely talented group of people together and inspired, in order to present the viewer with a brand new Living Land episode every week.

Nozipho is Mama Living Land; always willing to listen, she believes there’s good in every human being and that by one step at a time, she can change the world!


No-Line has an impressive, loyal client list. The company has proven itself many times – often under extreme pressure – and stood the test of time. No-Line has in-depth knowledge and experience of communicating social and economic development messages. These messages cover the full spectrum from field to fork and have afforded the company the opportunity to become closely involved with the African agricultural landscape. From funding and skills development; supporting the plight of African women; encouraging our youth; right through to reporting on inspirational success stories or uncovering injustices, No-Line has designed and implemented the entire range of messages.


The truth is we love our work, we love our audience, we love our country and last but not least, we love the land that feeds us!



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