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The sweet and sour side of being Patisserie Chef

Chefs are the new rock stars, they tease our taste buds and make our mouths water, but before they reach that point they have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen getting the techniques of their trade perfectly honed. iSpani Hustler  Edison  Van Wyk comes from a family that loves good food but he took the wrong path for a couple of years, getting involved in gang activity, before realising that this love of baked goods and extraordinary deserts was his future.

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what is a Science Communicator ?

Celiwe Chauca is breaking the boring science nerd stereotype, as we all know science and maths are areas of real concern in South African education.   For Celiwe and her potential employers, the KZN Science Centre, creating interest in science is an urgent priority if our country is to stay competitive in the global marketplace.

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Construction Clerk of Works

Building quality and standards have been news headlines around the country and to find out more of how construction quality is monitored iSpani joins Vincent Nontuntu as he applies for the position of Clerk of Works at SLB Consulting Engineers’ flagship Cornubia Integrated Housing Project in KZN.



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