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salesmanshipA career in sales offers the opportunity of financial success and a strong sense of pride and accomplishment for anyone who has a personal desire to succeed and the will to make a commitment to learning the selling techniques and sales skills required.

As a career and profession selling has been the essential commercial activity that ensures the wheels of commerce continue to to turn driving the world economy which survives and prospers on the buying of goods and services, and this continues in good and bad economic times. 

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Beauty Therapy

Beauty therapists, also known as beauticians, carry out facial and body treatments to enhance their clients' appearance and improve their sense of well-being.

The client recieves additional health benefits, including stress relief impacting on blood pressure, general fitness and diet related issues, these are areas of specialisation but an integral part of the overall services offered by a beauty therapist although not at an entry level.

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Motor Mechanics

The work of motor mechanics involves the maintenance and repair of motor cars, busses, trucks and other vehicles.

What am I going to do in this occupation?

When a motor with an electrical or mechanical problem is brought to motor mechanics, they compile a complete record of service. Information is obtained from the owner and carefully jotted down. They also use electronic equipment to locate the problem. Mechanics take the car for a test drive to confirm the problems. The fault and the type of vehicle determine the method they will use to repair the vehicle.

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