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Episode 25 - 26/12/2012

Furniture manufacture can be done in many ways, ranging from handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces through to mass-produced lounge suites that have seen the price to consumer drop dramatically – but no matter if its bespoke or one in thousands of others just like it, each pieces has passed through the hands of skilled craftsmen who have made sure it will stand the test of time, look good and feel ‘just right’. While most work on household and office furniture, upholsterers are also found in the automotive, marine and airline industries – anywhere someone sits down there’s a place for an upholsterer.

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Episode 24 - 19/12/2012

Large sea-going vessels are commanded by Captains or Licensed Master Mariners – this is an officer who has an unrestricted Captain’s or Master’s license who is allowed to be in overall charge of almost any size or power of vessel, anywhere in the world. A Captain’s license can limited by size or vessel type, while  internationally a Skipper is generally in command of a smaller boat or yacht.

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Cake Artist

Episode 23 - 12/12/2012

Confectioner, Baker, Pastry Chef, Cake or Sugar Artist – all of these kitchen-based professionals work with cakes at some point in their careers and have been around for centuries, but the cake artist today is a respected craft. Cake artists nowclaim a great deal of attention for their skills, talent and art, they have carved out a space on television bringing their creativity into our homes, increasing interest in the skill as both a profession and an art form.

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