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Cellphone technician

12985632 1103398699722419 6763096224986375752 nFor the first time ever there are more cell-phone subscriptions on the planet than people, over seven billion. In June 2014 South Africa had 59,474,500 cell phones and 50,586,757 people, so 117.6% of us have cell phone access, and we all know that no matter how careful you are things go wrong.  Cell-phone technicians are obviously in demand and that demand is growing. iSpani is  at Samsung with Hustler Nonnie Majola who is hoping to dial-up success as she shows her skill at three key tasks in the cell-phone technicians tool belt.  One thing you can be sure of as a cell phone technician – there will always be phone out there to fix, so join us to see if there is a place for you in this growing trade.