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Season 7

Cellphone technician

12985632 1103398699722419 6763096224986375752 nFor the first time ever there are more cell-phone subscriptions on the planet than people, over seven billion. In June 2014 South Africa had 59,474,500 cell phones and 50,586,757 people, so 117.6% of us have cell phone access, and we all know that no matter how careful you are things go wrong.  Cell-phone technicians are obviously in demand and that demand is growing. iSpani is  at Samsung with Hustler Nonnie Majola who is hoping to dial-up success as she shows her skill at three key tasks in the cell-phone technicians tool belt.  One thing you can be sure of as a cell phone technician – there will always be phone out there to fix, so join us to see if there is a place for you in this growing trade.

Payroll Administrator

iSpani S7 logoJoin the iSpani Hustlers at Accsys, a leading company in the outsourcing of HR and administrative functions, and our Hustler Nomalanga who is poised to join them as a Payroll Administrator if she can prove her understanding of the complicated laws surrounding tax and deductions, as well as the IT elements of the position.  After triumphing over a tough ride in childhood Noma is a true example of what faith in yourself and good networking skills can achieve.  Join us to find out if this is her barrier into the world of work.

Electrical Engineering Technician

13006619 1103398726389083 6914186493836700611 nHustler Jane Lubisi is on the brink of a new career as an electrical technician with Resolution Circle, an innovation hub owned and operated as a part of Wits University’s Work Integrated Learning programme. They offer mechanical, electrical and electronic   technology students the opportunity to complete their Practical course requirements by enrolling as learner-employees in the service of Resolution Circle. Jane is determined to lock down a job on the cutting edge of technological innovation. 


11219356 1107311009331188 6913427802443540283 niSpani is taking you to the other side of the lens today as we zoom in on a career as an event photographer.Smiling behind the camera is not the place Hustler Aobakwe thought he would end up, but that’s where we find him as he interviews and proves his talent and skills at ZooM Photography. Because of its appeal to many different people, these jobs are highly competitive and he will have to stand out in a crowd to get a position in an industry where creativity and technical proficiency are important.  So join us on the golf course as Aobakwe captures the shot and hopefully the job.                                                    

Sandvik – Millwright

13095938 1112002808862008 8302315882464003536 nMillwrights install, maintain, repair and troubleshoot industrial machinery and mechanical equipment in factories, production plants and mining facilities.  Hustler William Dinko never thought he would follow the family tradition and work on a mine, but after finding the job-seeking experience exhausting and expensive, he completed the Sandvik apprenticeship at the top of his class and now has the opportunity to join them as a qualified tradesperson out in the field. Three tasks stand between William and his dream, join us to find out if he makes the cut.