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Season 5

Fitters and Turners

Everything we use every day has component parts, all those little bits and pieces that fit together to make a useful appliance, vehicle or machine have to be made individually before they can become a car or a can opener........

Most of us never consider where they come from, but make no mistake, even the most sophisticated machinery needs precision parts...made by artisans known as fitters and turners…Fitters and turners are highly skilled craftspeople who manufacture, construct, assemble and fit components for machinery, vehicles, installations and other handy appliances that make our daily lives easier and more efficient.

Fitter and turners are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment they make.
In the fabrication stage they first select and mark off the material required according to exact measurements on blueprints, drawings or models…then they work their well-trained magic shaping the rough piece of metal into its final form with power-operated tools such as lathes, milling, drilling and planing machines. Finally they fit the parts required to complete the machine or article and inspect and test the final assembly for true fit. Most Fitters & Turners receive formal training offered in apprenticeships and learnerships at FET colleges and training centers accredited by respected industry bodies including the sector SETAs.

Apprenticeships are normally 4 years and include both practical and theoretical training, and can be found at colleges and training centers.   The duration of the learnership is normally 4 years and is divided into three aspects, the practical training at an accredited training center, in-service training under the supervision of qualified trades persons and theoretical training.

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