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Season 5

IT Technician (Season 5)

EnterComputer technicians install, diagnose problems, repair, maintain and upgrade a wide variety of computer and peripheral equipment.Being a computer technician requires knowledge and practical experience in how to build a PC from scratch, in addition to strong problem-solving techniques, you will run tests and diagnostics and provide technical support and do installations. There are basically two types of technicians:


In-house technicians, who work for a particular company, repairing and maintaining the computers and the network for the company…And…Contract technicians, who work for different companies on a contractual basis and check all their hardware or technical requirements; they may set-up and repair PCs and give technical support.Training is available at private and public FET colleges, Universities of Technology and as distance learning courses from correspondence institutions such as UNISA.The work is varied, complex and demanding.

Technicians are responsible for the effective functioning of a wide range of computer equipment that can range from personal computers and smaller network equipment to large and complex mainframe systems.

They carry out high quality repair and maintenance on the equipment for which they are responsible. To do this they need a thorough knowledge of theoretical and practical electronics and skill in using all the available – and constantly changing - diagnostic tools and techniques available. They also need the necessary software skills required by the type of equipment that they maintain…which can range across a wide spectrum, from a netbook to a nationwide network.

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