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Season 4

Organic farming

The farm foreman/manager is responsible for the general maintenance and management of the farm. The farmer combines agricultural and business methods in operating a small or large farm. Your objective will be to run the farm professionally and to make sure that it is both productive and profitable.

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Massage therapist

A massage therapist manipulates the soft tissues of a client's body in order to decrease stress, treat injury and promote health and well-being. The health benefits of massage have been known for centuries. Writings on the subject have been found in many of the world's ancient societies including ancient China, Greece, India, Mesopotamia and the Khmer Kingdom (South East Asia).

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Fashion editor

The main task of any fashion editor is to oversee all the creation of fashion- related content to be printed in magazines, newspapers or sold out for any other media outlet like website or television site.

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Aircraft Avionician

Aircraft avionicians are also known as aircraft electronicians and aircraft instrument mechanicians.
Aircraft avionicians maintain and repair mechanical, electrical, electronic, and digital instruments on aircraft. The trade combines the work of the aircraft electrician, aircraft instrument mechanic, aircraft radartrician and radiotrician and electronics mechanician.

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