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Wetland Social-ecologist (Environmental Water Specialist)

Hustlers iSpani going green and heading for the wetlands of KZN with Hustler Nokathula Dubazane. With a post graduate degree in social sciences and a Masters in Geography we find out if she is the wetland warrior her community needs to protect their natural environment.




Working with NGO GroundTruth “Noks” is determined that everyone should know what exactly a wetland is and why we need to save them. Bringing together social science and natural science she aims to create a sustainable environment and get ahead in the environmental sector.

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iSpani's docu-reality format takes the viewer into the environments offering positions that they would be best suited to at an entry level, creating awareness of the academic, personal and training requirements and criteria from an experiential point of view.
Each week an aspiring careerist is exposed, in intimate detail, to the inner workings of a specific career trajectory, starting on the ground floor.  Through a process of orientation and practical job shadowing, introduced and supported by potential employers, careers ranging from conservation to cookery are exposed in an informative and entertaining manner.  In addition to being introduced to specific tasks that build the foundation of a competent and desirable employee, iSpani candidates are coached by on-the-ground experts in the field, who share their experiences in developing their own careers with our aspiring careerists.