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iSpani's reality / documentary hybrid format takes the viewer into the environments offering positions that they would be best suited to at an entry level, creating awareness of the academic, Read more

A career in copywritting

A copywriter is a well-rounded writer who can work across multiple disciplines without missing a beat or a punctuation mark… Read more

Fitters and Turners

Everything we use every day has component parts, all those little bits and pieces that fit together to make a useful appliance, vehicle or machine have to be made individually Read more

About being an Air Controler

Air traffic controllers direct the safe and orderly movement of aircraft while they are flying, landing, taking off and taxiing. The most important aspect of their work is to keep Read more

Becoming a Brick layer

The bricklaying and plastering trade is one of the oldest trades in the building industry and while the skills required have not changed much since the early days of construction Read more

A career in Car Spray Painting

It’s probably safe to say that a day or two after the first cars took to the streets the vehicle repair and maintenance business kicked off…most likely with a Read more

we are back at it!!!!A 6th season of inspiration on iSpani

iSpani, SABC1’s youth programme demystifying the world of work returned to our screens on Tuesday 15th July at 13h30ensuring focus remains firmly on skilling and inspiring young South African’s to Read more /ispani/episodes/season-5/115 /ispani/episodes/season-5/107 /ispani/episodes/season-5/107 /ispani/episodes/season-5/110 /ispani/episodes/season-5/111 /ispani/example-pages
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Being a Lighting Technician. PDF Print E-mail

Nhlanhla Nkabinde is funny, passionate and loves being behind the lights.  He loves his chosen career path and is a joy to be around.He came through the Gearhouse Kentse Mpahlwa Academy and is the only graduating trainee among 30 asked to apply for a fulltime job with this leading lighting company.
iSpani joins him on his interview and practical skills assessment as he designs a lighting set-up, gets a set ready and then works on a live broadcast of a popular reality show.
IT Programmer PDF Print E-mail

Freddie Mabitsela is bright, articulate and funny, he was initially drawn to work in radio getting a break when he joined SABC radio's child programs “Mahlasedi” and “State Your Mind”  on Thobela FM, but decided to get a “back-up gig” just in case.

The sweet and sour side of being Patisserie Chef PDF Print E-mail

Chefs are the new rock stars, they tease our taste buds and make our mouths water, but before they reach that point they have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen getting the techniques of their trade perfectly honed. iSpani Hustler  Edison  Van Wyk comes from a family that loves good food but he took the wrong path for a couple of years, getting involved in gang activity, before realising that this love of baked goods and extraordinary deserts was his future.

Fitness Instructor PDF Print E-mail

Making the right career choice can be really difficult, some Hustlers start out thinking they will do one thing and end up doing another; some create new spaces in the working world for themselves and some bring together their talents to fit into a position that no-one else has thought of.

what is a Science Communicator ? PDF Print E-mail

Celiwe Chauca is breaking the boring science nerd stereotype, as we all know science and maths are areas of real concern in South African education.   For Celiwe and her potential employers, the KZN Science Centre, creating interest in science is an urgent priority if our country is to stay competitive in the global marketplace.


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Pula Matsaung

Pula Matsaung

What you can be and achieve has no limits, I chose to believe that my ability to revamp my life and produce every results I ever wanted while generating value for people around me lies within my reach.

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